War and the Presidency We have to be realistic about war.

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War. The next President of the United States is going to be a war president. Over the past many years our politicians have backed us into a corner and there is no more room to run away. North Korea has at least six nuclear bombs. China is currently following the same path that Japan followed before WWll taking over the Pacific rim all the way down to Australia. If we will not stop them now we will never be able to stop them. China desperately needs resources it does not have at home, just as the Japanese did not. Why buy iron ore from Australia when they can just take it? Russia is a paper tiger but even a paper cut is painful. Iran is the greatest danger that we face but our politicians refuse to face the fact. The mess in Syria cannot be allowed to fester and boil over throughout the Middle East as both Russia and Iran want it to. Millions of refugees run from war and the countries they run to cannot afford to take them in but face the moral necessity to do so. We refuse to treat with terrorist but tell Israel that they must negotiate with terrorists that are determined to exterminate them. Madness. Politics.

Our enemies are determined to destroy us.

More than anything else we just want to be left alone as do most of the people in the world. Unfortunately we are not the ones who get to choose. Our enemies are determined to destroy us. Our enemies laugh at us and our friends fear us. They fear that we will not be there when they need us and we are not really sure either. Folks, no nation is complete unto itself, for we are each a part of the whole, and when one of our friends is washed away into a sea of debt or war we are all the less for that. We need them just as much as they need us. We are all a part of a Western Empire and we are at war with the Eastern Empire whether we like it or not. Even doing nothing is doing something. The United States is the only nation in the world able to stand up to these monsters. Yes, we need our friends to help us just as they need us to help them, but it must be done now, or if not WE are done. I have been to war and I am the only candidate able to face this reality.

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