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Is It Too Late

President Ronald Reagan is considered to be the best American President of at least the past fifty years. He is a great hero to Republicans and even the Democrats have to give grudging respect. At the same time he was our president Great Britain elected a new Prime Minister, Margret Thatcher. She inherited a economic mess from too many years of a liberal parliament just as President Reagan inherited the mess from President Jimmy Carter. Both PM Margret Thatcher and President Reagan leveraged their popularity to take economic changes that were needed. While President Reagan became our most popular President since President Kennedy, PM Thatcher became the most hated woman, and the most hated Prime Minister in the four hundred year history of the British Empire. While President Reagan is fondly remembered on his birthday, Margret Thatcher is celebrated on the date of her death. Britons will sing ‘Ding dong the witch is dead…’ because they despise her. She pulled Great Britain back from the brink of bankruptcy by cutting entitlement spending. She kept telling her opponents that “we just do not have the money”.

We just do not have the money.

And I say unto you that “…we just do not have the money”. I will cut entitlement spending by about 5% each year for all four years that I am President. Yes, that means Social Security, that means Medicare and Medicaid, that includes welfare, that also includes veteran’s benefits. I will cut military spending, but not now. Our military leaders have squandered staggering amounts, trillions, of our tax dollars. Before I can cut military spending I must crush our enemies such that they will not be a threat to us again for a generation. As I have said before we are currently borrowing money just to pay the interest on the debt that we already have. Going back to 1934 our government began spending money we did not have. That has gotten worse decade after decade for over 50 years, now we are so deeply in debt that we cannot even pay the interest. We just do not have the money. I will repeat these facts over and over because I understand that most Americans simply refuse to believe this. Most will say that it is not really ‘that bad’. It cannot be that bad or our Congress, our President, our the press would have told us. What part of “unsustainable” do you not understand? Yes, I know that I am being rude. That I am not being

nice. I have told you that I am not a nice man. I am a hard man. I am the right man for the job at hand. It is often said that the times make the man. I believe that is true. I am a powerful, hard man.

Mr. Trump and Senator Clinton both fail to understand that the government we live under today IS the problem. Senator Clinton wants to spend a trillion dollars on ‘infrastructure’, repairing our roads and bridges. President Bill Clinton signed a bill into law to spend 204 billion dollars on infrastructure. Later, the Government Accountability Office found that a whopping 30% of that money went to roads and bridges and the other $140 billion seemed to evaporate. There is simply no, no, accountability for┬ámisspent money in our government, not state, not federal.

I will do that which must be done. I will cut spending and slowly taper down the reckless spending and start paying the interest and a little bit of the principle every year. If we do not do this now we will fall over a cliff of debt. It is not too late. If we the people act now. What can you do? Buy one or two cans of food for each person in your home every time you go to the store. Set it aside to build a ready food supply for several months, then rotate your stock. Ask your doctor about one or two months of important medicine and set it aside and, again, rotate the pills to keep a fresh bottle set by. These are reasonable things to do. Things that you can do. And, if I am wrong, you still have these things to use as you need them. It is not too late. Yet.

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