Our Greatest Danger Today I want to speak to you about the greatest danger to us.

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Our Greatest Danger

America’s Greatest Danger. I have spoken to you of the danger of War. If our enemies should work together against us in WW lll, we would win. And yet it would be a Pyrrhic victory. A victory so costly that another such would be the end of us. Billions would die. Starvation and disease would stalk the survivors on every continent as if a pack of rabid wolves. Cities would be turned to glass. Civilization would be set back fifty years here and two hundred years in other nations. Many of those nations would cease to exist. The leaders of countries would change so frequently that we would struggle to keep the names current. Millions of refugees would move around the globe while starving, erasing any concept of a borders. Un-civil wars would rage without stopping and be unstoppable. The very earth itself would shudder and groan with pain and horror.

I have spoken to you about the next Great Depression, another great economic collapse even worse in consequence than that of the 1930’s. We will struggle for a decade to create order out of chaos. And the world will starve. It has not been Politically Correct to say it, or even to think it, and yet the truth is that the United States still, yes still, feeds the world. Our greatest weapon is not our Army, or our atom bomb, our greatest weapon is food. Yes, food. I live in farm country. I was raised in a small farm town north of Dallas, Texas as a child. We were a prosperous little town because we had grain silos and a cotton mill just up the road. I hear these fools screaming about ‘millionaire farmers’. They have no clue that one tractor may cost half a million bucks, a combine to harvest the crop even more than that. The cost of maintaining the equipment. The cost of seed corn. The high cost of fuel, and on and on and on. Idiots.

America’s Greatest Danger

I have spoken about the madness of the insane corruption in our political system. Evil men and women who rob us and laugh at us for being too stupid to even try to stop them. How this madness tears at the very foundation that our country was, and is, founded upon.


Today I want to speak to you about the greatest danger to us. I do not believe it to be the coming wars, or the next Great Depression, hoping it may hold off for another year, or prayerfully, another two.

I want you to consider the possibility that the greatest danger faced by us today is US. It seems to me that the world has gone mad. Our founding fathers created a government unlike any that had ever been seen among the nations of men. When the other nations of the world saw what they were doing they were thought to be foolish. To place the power of governance in the hands of the people – madness. They thought we would self-destruct in just a very few years. Lords and Ladies were needed to govern the unwashed masses. People were foolish and stupid. They had to be governed with a firm hand to make them obey.

Our Republic is unique in the known history of mankind. And it has never been copied because those in power cannot trust their own citizens. And today. Today the world has lost it’s way. Our own country has lost it’s way. Our founding fathers created a balance between the needs of governing and the need to make the government respect the sovereignty of the individual. Now, the individual no longer sees any need to deny self and demands that the many bow down at their feet. Around the world, not just here, but around the world men seem to worship that least of all mortal gods, ME!!!, and His Un-holy son I WANT!!! Madness. It is the necessary purpose of all governments to restrain their citizens to a standard of moral goodness and love for one another. Or, love failing, a terror to force compliance by the force of the fist. This was the normal circumstance in the Middle Eastern countries. The fist kept the ravers in check. Our leaders failed to apprehend that self governance necessitates a common agreement and understanding, and embrace, of the moral standard. A comfortable acceptance of a moral authority to keep the destroyers in check. Whether by inculcating a sense of decency that is seen to be benevolent and necessary, or by building new prisons to put the ever present group of rabble-rousers out of harm’s way. I believe, as did our founding fathers, that without strong morals based on our religious beliefs that we hold precious we will self-destruct. It is happening now.

I am a Viet Nam veteran. Not one of us trusts our government. That is a good thing. Only through the vigilance of our people will our government be controlled from doing evil. Corruption. Liars, thieves and scoundrels. We the People must regain control of our government or they will surly enslave us. All of the history of the world teaches us that. Folks, you must take the time and make the effort to keep our government under our control five days a week. You must contact our elected leaders daily. With computers it is not even difficult any more. If we do not control them, they will surely control us. Those who hold the reins of power will never yield them gladly. We are out of time. World events are spinning out of anyone’s control. We must look to ourselves and to our friends. I do not believe that this mess is the vengeance of an angry God, rather I believe that this is a disaster of our own making. I believe that, together, we can un-make this mess. I believe in us. By God’s loving grace we can fix this.

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