My Political Philosophy Are you willing to work and work hard to regain control of your government?

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Imagine that your wife of many years is angry with you… again. The relationship has been bad for years and now comes a deeply serious problem. You go to your wife and explain the difficulty as you see it to be. She looks at you and, crossing her arms, says, “So?” You try again to recruit her assistance and perspective, admitting that you do not see a satisfactory way out of the problem. “So,” she says, “What do you want from me?”

You respond, “I need your help because we, both of us, are facing serious consequences if we cannot find a way to solve this very serious problem.” She looks at you with a half-smile on her face and says, “If you had come to me twenty years ago, I might have cared enough about you, or us, or perhaps just my own self-interest to try to help. But as our relationship stands now I truly just do not care about the consequences. Go to hell. And even if I end up damning myself, I just do not care anymore.”

Now, understand that I do not speak of a husband and wife struggling with a crisis in their lives but that I speak of a city, a state, a nation. Even the nations of the earth.

We, the people, no longer trust our government. Not to tell us the truth, not to keep their word, n ot to live a good life among us and certainly not to watch over our money. We just no longer trust our representatives. Some have even stopped caring. They have dropped out of the political process.

To be embarrassingly forthright about it, we, the people, gripe, moan and complain without ceasing but WILL NOT invest a few hours a month to attend the meetings of our local governing bodies. Not even those whom we entrust our children and grandbabies. Refusing to even consider getting involved in government which Socrates called the ONLY business of the people.

Do you truly… ‘just don’t care anymore’? Do you just don’t have the time? Do you just don’t have the time to invest in the future of your grand children? Those precious grandbabies?

This is happening to us. Now. It is happening today. The President, the Congress and the Courts openly defy the law of the Constitution given us by our Founding Fathers. They do not even pretend to follow the constitution anymore. They simply push it aside and do whatsoever they will. The Far Left has been investing in a Socialist Government for a hundred years. The Far Right wants to control us with laws passed ‘for our own good’. Using their own code of pretense of morality to fool the Godly in a raw grab for power.

Ask yourself this simple question… who is going to control the spending of 50 trillion dollars over the next ten years? Yes, 50 trillion. Plans to cut the ‘budget’. Not a chance. The plan is for the Congress of the future to deal with the debt that is overwhelming us. In just a few years the interest on the National Debt will be over 1 Trillion dollars every year. And where do you think they will get that money? From me and you, brother.

Until there is not enough coming in at which point we will be truly bankrupt. I do not believe that the American People understand how terrible that would be. If banks no longer have the ability to loan money to those who need it, farms cannot afford the seed they plant, a business cannot meet payroll or expand. New cars become impossible. School clothes become unaffordable. We the People become impoverished because we will still believe that government is the answer instead of understanding that it is the problem. we the People have lost control of our government.

Are you willing to work and work hard to regain control of your government? Don’t tell me. Show me.

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