Jim Nash: An Introduction

Howdy folks, my name is Jim Nash and yes, I am seeking to become the next President of these United States. I was born and raised in North Texas. I joined …

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NASH 2016

Article 4

Article 4 of the Missouri State Constitution requires that our elected officials pass a balanced budget. After many calls and visits to Jefferson City I found no one who could …

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Social Security is Broke

Social Security is Broke

Social Security is broke now. There is a group called the Social Security Trustees. Their job is to insure that the SS trust fund is run responsibly. Oops. The sad …

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War and the Presidency

  War. The next President of the United States is going to be a war president. Over the past many years our politicians have backed us into a corner and …

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Homeland Security is Another Lie

Homeland Security: Another Lie

  Homeland Security is another lie. In open testimony before our Congress the Chairman of Homeland Security admitted they had not prevented even one actual attack. Our President, our Congress …

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We the People

Jim Nash for President

We the People have lost control of our government. Democrats have been promising us for twenty years that they would be good stewards of our country if we would only vote them into office. Republicans have said the same thing. And I ask you to look, take a hard look, at the mess that we
are in.

Liars, thieves and scoundrels. I cannot believe either party. I cannot trust them any longer. Our President, our Congress, our Courts no longer revere our Constitution.

The Constitution that tells our government how it is to operate and tells the government that it is a subject to the people, and protects our rights from the government.

Our Courts pass laws where the constitution says only the Congress is allowed to pass laws. Our Congress passes laws to get around the constitution and the Courts say that the people are not allowed to object.

The Party Machine runs their candidates. Rock the boat and the boat squish you. Our Congress is addicted to our money. They will never get enough.

Thank you,
Jim Nash